The actions of the MJV and partners revolve around our Monarch Conservation Implementation Plan, which is updated each year by the full partnership. Learn what conservation, research, monitoring, or education projects MJV partners are engaging in to address the priorities in the Implementation Plan in our Partner Project section. The partner projects that the MJV has funded, or contributed funding to are listed in the MJV Funded Projects Section. Using the lessons learned from these projects and expertise that falls within each of our partner organizations, the MJV also co-hosts a monarch conservation webinar series with the National Conservation Training Center. A new webinar becomes available approximately monthly. Check back often to learn about new projects and resources available for monarch conservation. 

Partner Project Descriptions

MJV partners are engaged in work focused on improving habitat availability and quality for both eastern and western monarch populations.

MJV Funded Projects

Each year, the MJV allocates program funds to support monarch conservation projects carried out by our partners. In addition, MJV helps to secure other funds for collaborative partner projects as opportunities arise. The full partnership updates our implementation plan annually, and priority actions for MJV funding in this plan are established each year by the MJV steering committee.

Monarch Conservation Webinar Series

The Monarch Conservation Webinar series is a collaborative effort between Monarch Joint Venture Partners and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's National Conservation Training Center.

2017 Monarch Conservation Implementation Plan

This plan serves as a guiding document to support ongoing or new U.S monarch conservation actions, recognizing that it will take an “all hands on deck” approach to reach our nation’s monarch population and habitat targets. Any individual or entity involved in monarch conservation is encouraged to utilize this plan to identify and integrate priority monarch conservation actions into their existing or planned efforts.